• Supporting our cyber hiring & training needs and mission deliverables
    • Hired 36 outstanding staff members (LTD), all passionate about information assurance with a strong loyalty to Sandia and the nation
    • Interns continue to directly support technical performance and research on numerous cutting-edge cyber security projects to supplement staffing
    • Developing creative training techniques (i.e. developed a reverse engineering training environment to assess natural puzzle solving skills necessary to excel at software analysis)
  • Continue to create cyber security awareness across many Sandia programs.
  • Building stronger partnerships with universities and sponsors
    • Provides a mechanism to develop and maintain strong relationships with many schools, including several Sandia Campus Executive schools (UIUC, UC Davis, and New Mexico Tech) as well as other key feeders (NPS, Georgia Tech, Cornell, Dartmouth, Florida State, and MIT).
    • Worked with Dr. Linda Wilbanks of DOE to help support her historically black college program
  • Positioning Sandia as a leader in cyber security
    • Provides a venue for showcasing Sandia’s cyber security research and facilities
    • Provides an educational/work experience that is not available in universities
    • Became the first non-government organization (Sandia) to be eligible to hire NSF Scholarship for Service students
    • Developed a series of outreach workshops to teach mid- and high-school students safe online practices