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Marci Markel

Microfluidic Technologist

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Under the guidance of Dr. Ying-Chih Wang, Dr. Greg Sommer and Dr. Anson Hatch, I am currently working to develop a bioanalytical diagnostic equipment that separates proteins to detect biotoxin exposure, with my work focused on the development of the Shiga-biotoxin immunoassay.

Selected publications

D. E. Huber, M. L. Markel, S. Pennathur, K. D. Patel. "Oligonucleotide Hybridization and Free-Solution Electrokinetic Separation in a Nanofluidic Device", Lab on a Chip, 2009.

D. E. Huber, M. L. Markel, S. Pennathur, K. D. Patel. "Coupled Free-Solution Separation and On-Chip Hybridization of Oligonucleotides in a Nanofluidic Device" Eleventh International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2007), Paris, France, October 2007.

Y. Senzaki, Y. Brichko, C. Barelli, R. Herring, D. Teasdale, M. Schaefer, and J. Sisson. "Ultrathin Si3N4 Films Deposited From Dichlorosilane For Gate Dielectrics Using Single-Wafer Hot-Wall Rapid Thermal CVD". Materials Research Society Symp. Proc. Vol. 716 (2002).

Y. Senzaki, M. Schaefer, J. Sisson, C. Barelli, J. Bailey, R. Herring, R. Hayn. "Single-Wafer Hot Wall Rapid Thermal Processing for Thin Gate Oxide Films", Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, Vol 5, Issue 5, pages F11-F13, 2002.

C. Ratliff, M. Schaefer, Y. Senzaki, J. Sisson, C. Barelli, and R. Herring. "Characterization of Hot Wall RTP for Thin Gate Oxide Films". D. DeWitt, J. Gelpey, B. Lojek, Z. Nenyei, (eds). 9th International Conference on Advanced Thermal Processing of Semiconductors (RTP 2001). pages 111-114. Anchorage, AK, September 2001.



2000: Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, CA


2004-present: Microfluidic Technologist at Sandia National Laboratory, Livermore, CA

2002-2004: Production Development Engineer at Caliper Life Sciences, Mountainview, CA

2000-2002: Systems Engineer at ASML (now AVIZA), Scotts Valley, CA

Contact Information

Marci Markel
Biosystems Research & Development
Sandia National Laboratories
PO Box 969, MS 9671
Livermore, CA 94551-0969
phone: 925-294-2478