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Meiye Wu

Biosystems Research and Development

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Research Interests:

Host-pathogen interactions:

Interrogate innate immune responses to both bacterial and viral pathogens on microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices. Develop methods to make quantitative, as well as temporal measurements of host intracellular signaling events at the single cell level. Use available reagents and in-house engineered microfluidic devices as building blocks to design the next generation of detection/diagnostic assays.

Pharmacological Compound Screening

Search for pharmacological compounds capable of attenuating innate immune responses in anticipation of pathogen invasion by screening compound libraries targeted to key kinases involved in innate immunity.


Using automated fractionation methods to prepare biological samples for subsequent Biomarker discovery.


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Thomas D. Perroud, Meiye Wu, Ronald F. Renzi, Anup K. Singh, and Kamlesh D. Patel," Micropore Formation Using Overlapped Etch Fronts in Integrated Devices for Cellular Analysis Miniaturised Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences", uTAS 2008 Conference proceedings. (2008)

Anastasia Constantinescu, Meiye Wu, Orna Asher, and Ivan Diamond," cAMP-dependent protein kinase type I regulates ethanol-induced CRE-mediated gene expression via activation of CREB binding protein and inhibition of MAPK", J. Biol. Chem., Aug 2004; 10.1074

Andrew A. Bremer, Morris F. Tansky, Meiye Wu, Norman D. Boyd and Susan E. Leeman, "Direct evidence for the interaction of neurokinin A with the tachykinin NK1 receptor in tissue", European Journal of Pharmacology, Volume 423, Issues 2-3, 6 July 2001, Pages 143-147

Tong Yungsong, Fobian YM, Wu M, Boyd ND., "Conformational Probes for Elucidating the nature of Substance P binding to the NK-1 Receptor: Initial Efforts to Map the Phe7-Phe8 Region", Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 1998, 8, 1679-1682.


2008- Present Ph.D.student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Academic Advisor:  Kit Lam, MD. Ph.D.
University of California at Davis, Davis, CA
Sponsored by Sandia National Laboratory Special Degree Program.

University of California at Davis, Davis, CA
Sponsored by Sandia National Laboratory Special Degree Program.

9/2001 M.A. in Molecular Pharmacology
Boston University Department of Pharmacology Boston, MA

5/1997 B.A. Double Major in Neuroscience and Biology
Oberlin College Oberlin, OH

Contact Information

Meiye Wu
Biosystems Research Department
Sandia National Laboratories
PO Box 969, Mail Stop 9671
7011 East Avenue
Livermore, CA 94551-0969