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I am currently evaluating various techniques to suppress a complex host background and allow for rapid detection and identification of unknown pathogens present in a sample. 

In addition, we are developing a system for rapid on-site detection of pathogen to characterize a contamination event or verify complete remediation of a biological contamination.

Selected Publications

Perroud, TD; Kaiser, JN; Sy, JC; Lane, TW; Branda, CS; Singh, AK; Patel, KD. (2008) Microfluidic-Based Cell Sorting of Francisella tularensis Infected Macrophages using Optical Forces. Analytical Chemistry 80, 6365-6372.

Timlin JA, Noek RM, Kaiser JN, Sinclair MB, Jones HDT, Davis RW, Lane TW. (2008) Accurate measurement of cellular autofluorescence is critical for imaging of host-pathogen interactions. SPIE Proceedings 6859, A8590-A8590.

Cianci C, Langley D, Dischino D, Sun Y, Yu KL, Stanley A, Roach J, Li Z, Dalterio R, Colonno R, Meanwell N, Krystal M.  (2004) Targeting a binding pocket within the trimer-of-hairpins: small molecule inhibition of viral fusion.  PNAS USA, 101(42):15046-51.

Cianci C, Yu KL, Combrink K, Sin N, Pearce B, Wang A, Civiello R, Voss S, Luo G, Kadow K, Genovesi EV, Venables B, Gulgeze H, Trehan A, James J, Lamb L, Medina I, Roach J, Yang Z, Zadjura L, Colonno R, Clark J, Meanwell N, Krystal M. (2004) Orally active fusion inhibitor of respiratory syncytial virus.  Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 48(2):413-22. 

Hu X, Bulger M, Roach JN, Eszterhas SK, Olivier E, Bouhassira EE, Groudine MT, Fiering S. (2003) Promoters of the murine embryonic β-like globin genes Ey and βh1 do not compete for interaction with the β-globin locus control region.  PNAS USA, 100(3):1111-5.

Bender MA, Roach JN, Halow J, Close J, Alami R, Bouhassira EE, Groudine M, and Fiering SN. (2001)  Targeted deletion of 5'HS1 and 5'HS4 of the β-globin locus control region reveals additive activity of the DNaseI hypersensitive sites.  Blood, 98(7): 2022-7.


1997-2001: M.S. Molecular & Cellular Biology, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
1993-1997: B.S. Chemistry, Lyon College, Batesville, AR


2005-present: Senior Technologist, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore CA
2001-2005: Research Scientist, Virology Drug Discovery, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wallingford, CT

Contact Information

Julia N. Kaiser
Biosystems Research & Development Department
Sandia National Laboratories
PO Box 969, MS 9671
Livermore, CA 94551-0969
phone: 925-294-6670
fax: 925-294-1489