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Scalable Real-time

Minimal ATR rack - 12 CPU
Current generation ATR hardware;
12 CPU configuration
Sandia began the development of real-time ATR systems by custom designing high speed hardware for programs such as STARLOS.

As commercially available computing speeds have increased, it has become possible to design the current  generation of ATR hardware with commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware linked together with high speed data buses and networking. The basic configuration of our real-time ATR shown to the left has 12 PowerPC 300 MHz CPUs and can process imagery at the rate of one Megapixel per second for 10 targets of interest. This 6U VME rack can accommodate up to 64 CPUs. Processor boards (4 CPUs each) may be added as needed to meet computational requirements.

 The CPU requirements of our ATR system scale linearly with respect to pixel rate and number of targets.  A full 64 CPU configuration handles data rates of five Megapixels per second for 10 targets of interest or 50 targets of interest at one Megapixel per second in the same 3.5 ft3 sized ATR system.

 Upcoming advances in CPU  performance will triple our current capabilities by the end of the year 2000.

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