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Proven Performance

Sandia's ATR systems are designed for operational deployment in rugged environments such as onboard aircraft and in mobile ground stations. In an independent evaluation of the ATR's effectiveness by the Joint Test Force during the EFX `98 exercise, Sandia's ATR system was judged by the JTF to have operationally significant performance while running in real-time on the Joint STARS T-3 aircraft. The report stated, "This test proved the feasibility of real-time ATR on Joint STARS. ... in the JTF's opinion, the ID accuracy and false alarm rate are extremely encouraging ..."

Our user interface, which works with the VITec ELT package, allows image analysts to access SAR imagery that has been annotated by the ATR. Advanced features such as soft copy keys help analysts compare objects identified by the ATR with exemplars from our target signature database. View details.

ELT Display - target array
ATR tool - control panelATR tool - chip display
Results from ATR system displayed on a workstation
using VITec ELT

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