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Innovative Algorithms

A cornerstone of our ATR product is the capability to perform in-house development, testing, and real time implementation of powerful algorithms for target recognition. In the algorithm development phase, the expected appearance of target vehicles in SAR imagery is modeled from available data. The degree to which target images may be expected to vary about this model, under operational conditions, is also quantified.
stastical modelSAR image of a t72 tank
A statistical target model for one of the ATR's identification algorithms is depicted along with a one foot SAR image of the target vehicle, a T72 tank

Statistically robust match metrics gauge the level of agreement between target models and unknown objects in new SAR imagery. These metrics are derived from rigorous mathematical principles and are specifically designed to perform well in the presence of target signature variabilities arising from diverse sources such as articulating or rotating target parts; changing background surfaces and vegetation; partial target obscuration; and attempts at camouflage, concealment, and deception.

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