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Processing water at the MDL facility.

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Water Conservation
Sharon Sanders

Infrastructure Mgt. Team Leader
Darell Rogers

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Process Water consumption accounts for approximately 28% of Sandia/New Mexico's total annual water consumption. Typical types of process water are Reverse Osmosis (RO), Deionized Water (DI), ultrapure water (UPW), cooling (includes single pass cooling) of equipment, and other manufacturing and/or laboratory uses. The largest usage is in the DI and UPW categories, mainly due to our Microelectronics Fabrication Development Laboratory (MDL) and other manufacturing processes. There is a single large UPW plant located at the MDL, several medium-sized DI and RO systems located in our laboratory and manufacturing buildings, and many small bottled DI and RO systems located throughout the site. Except for the UPW plant, none of these systems is metered separately.

Process water consumption is difficult to manage, as it is tied directly to the various organizations' missions and goals. However, where possible, efficient systems and/or proper controls are implemented (e.g. training, tools) to minimize water waste. See the History for improvements to Process Water.

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