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Water Conservation Goals

30% reduction since 1994

What happened in 2002?

Several activities occurred in 2002 that increased water consumption at Sandia/New Mexico. The main reason was the expansion of a DI water plant and large construction activity throughout the site.These efforts added an additional 50 million gallons of water consumption during that period.The remaining water consumption was a result of water line breaks, irrigation, and cooling throughout the hot drought year.

Current Goals:

Sandia/New Mexico can be congratulated on a great effort to reduce water consumption by 30% from the 1994 baseline.Sandia/New Mexico continues to decrease water consumption by instituting Best Management Practices. Future efforts and activities are listed in the History timeline.

The Water Consumption graph indicates that a 35% reduction in water consumption will be obtained in 2005. This percentage is an estimate.It must also be understood that Sandia/New Mexico is in a constant state of flux with record breaking growth in building construction and processes. This growth can only increase the use of water. Lessons learned and Best Management Practices will be applied consistently to provide efficiency in all new water uses.

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