Vision, Mission, and Values


On behalf of our nation, we anticipate and solve the most challenging problems that threaten security in the 21st century.

When we achieve this vision, we are widely recognized as a national leader in preventing technological surprise, anticipating threats, and providing innovative, science-based systems engineering solutions to our nation’s most challenging security problems.

The excitement and importance of our work, our exemplary work environment, our partnerships with academia, industry, government, and other partners, and our record of historic contributions, help us attract exceptional staff. Our employees are recognized by their professional peers for their outstanding contributions, and our institution is managed in a way that inspires confidence.


The synergy and interdependence between our nuclear deterrence mission and broader national security missions forge a robust capability base and empower us to solve complex national security problems.

As a multidisciplinary national security laboratory, Sandia supports nuclear deterrence, its central mission. Today, the synergistic and interdependent relationship between our nuclear deterrence mission and broader national security missions empowers us to conduct the Labs’ national security missions successfully. It creates a challenging, vigorous scientific and engineering environment that has helped us attract and retain the new talent we need. Indeed, this symbiotic relationship is largely responsible for Sandia’s consistent and efficient delivery on its commitments to the nuclear weapons program.

Our conceptual framework of the Labs’ missions, therefore, includes nuclear weapons at its basis and in symbiotic relationship with three other mission areas: pursue global nuclear assurance and security, defend and dominate in cyberspace, and maintain U.S. defense technological superiority through synergistic products. Another three mission areas — develop national security space innovations, reduce global biological and chemical dangers, and ensure a secure and sustainable energy future — are connected to nuclear weapons through the Labs’ foundation.

Sandia accomplishes tasks integral to the mission and operation of our sponsoring agencies by

  • Anticipating and resolving emerging national security challenges
  • Innovating and discovering new technologies to strengthen the nation’s technological superiority
  • Creating value through products and services that solve important national security challenges
  • Informing the national debate for which technology policy is critical to preserving security and freedom throughout the world

We are widely recognized as a national leader in preventing technological surprise.


Sandia’s five core values inform our daily decisions, shape our performance, and enable us to achieve success as one lab.

We serve the nation by responding to our customers’ requests and by anticipating our country’s future needs. We fulfill our mission of solving national security challenges with commitment to “exceptional service in the national interest.”

We team to deliver with excellence by combining our individual talents to meet and exceed our commitments and by pursuing continuous improvement to advance the frontiers of science, engineering, and technology.

We respect each other by cherishing the intellect, skills, diversity, flexibility, and passion of our coworkers, by including one and all. We provide opportunities for the development of all members of our workforce and celebrate their world-class accomplishments, which enable Sandia’s mission.

We act with integrity by living within our principles, sharing our views, and doing what is right.

We live safe and healthy lives by using critical thinking in our daily activities; demonstrating that safety and health come first; and striving to eliminate unsafe conditions, prevent injuries, and promote healthy, vibrant lives. We embrace safety and health in all our activities, at work and outside the workplace.

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