Michael Hazen

Vice President, Infrastructure Operations Division

Mike Hazen

Michael Hazen is vice president of the Infrastructure Operations Division and serves as chief security officer at Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia), a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

As chief security officer, he is responsible for the protection of people, resources, and information, including security operations, computer security, environment, safety, emergency management, health, and facilities. He speaks for Sandia in all aspects of protection. As vice president, his line responsibilities include overseeing the Environment, Safety, and Health and Emergency Management Center; the Safeguards and Security Center; and the Facilities Management and Operations Center.

Prior to this assignment, Hazen served as the director of the Safeguards and Security Center and as the principal program director of the Defense Security Program of the Nuclear Weapons Strategic Management Unit. He led an organization responsible for the entire spectrum of safeguards and security operations, including policy and guidance for the principal site in Albuquerque, NM and in 13 remote locations. His program responsibilities included Cyber Security, Weapons Incident Response, Safeguards and Security, and Secure Transportation Assets. Hazen began his service to Sandia in June 2004. Since his arrival at Sandia, he has attended the Nuclear Weapons Leadership Development Program and has received a fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar XXI Program.

Before coming to Sandia, Hazen served as a colonel in the United States Air Force. His distinguished career spanned more than 31 years and culminated with his assignment as the director of Security Forces, AF Space Command. In this position, he was responsible for the stewardship of both the Nuclear and Space Security Roadmaps, which guaranteed the protection of vital global and national assets. He was the principal advocate for Force Protection and Antiterrorism and provided guidance to ensure deterrence and overwhelming defeat of those who would do the U.S. harm.

From 2000 through 2002, Hazen was the wing commander for Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio; there, he provided total operations and logistics support to one of the largest bases in the Air Force, which employed more than 22,700 people. He was responsible for real property, equipment, and supplies valued at more than $7.5B, annual expenditures exceeding $9.1B, and payroll of $940M. He led the protection mission during and after 9/11, which kept 125 separate unit missions going and supported America around the world.

Before that, Hazen was the Support Group commander at Luke AFB, Arizona. As commander, he provided leadership and direction to more than 1,500 military and civilian personnel with an annual budget in excess of $154M. His organizations were responsible for providing essential base services such as engineering, communications, security, safety, and services.

Hazen received a B.S. in Management from the University of Maryland, an M.A. in Public Administration from Golden Gate University, attended Air Command and Staff College, and attended the Air Force’s highest educational institution, the Air War College.