Marianne Walck

Vice President, California Laboratory & Energy and Climate

Marianne Walck

Dr. Marianne Walck is vice president of Sandia’s California laboratory and serves as lead for the Laboratories’ Energy and Climate Program. The California laboratory’s principal programs include nuclear weapons stewardship; homeland security with a focus on defending against weapons of mass destruction; combustion, transportation, and hydrogen energy research; biology; and advanced computational and information systems. Sandia’s Energy and Climate Program encompasses a wide variety of energy technology programs including renewable energy systems and energy infrastructure; climate and engineered systems; nuclear and fuel cycle; and transportation energy systems. 

Prior to moving to Sandia’s California laboratory in 2015, Dr. Walck held a variety of research and management positions at Sandia. She has been with Sandia since 1984 and has more than 25 years of technical leadership experience. Recent assignments include director of the Geoscience, Climate, and Consequence Effects Center and director of the Nuclear Energy and Global Security Technologies Center. She served on the Sandia Research Leadership Team and led the Geoscience Research Foundation. 

Dr. Walck earned her Ph.D. in geophysics (seismology) from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1984; an M.S. in geophysics, also from Caltech in 1981; and an A.B. in geology/physics from Hope College (Holland, Michigan) in 1978. Dr. Walck holds memberships in the American Geophysical Union, the Seismological Society of America, the Association for Women Geoscientists, and the American Nuclear Society. She serves on several advisory boards for universities and technical institutes including the Texas A&M Energy Institute and the California Council of Science and Technology. 

Dr. Walck and her husband have two sons. She volunteers at Sandia Labs as a mentor and as a violinist in a community orchestra.