President’s Message

Jill Hruby

Welcome to Sandia National Laboratories. Throughout its history, our laboratory has been guided by the core principle of — in the words of President Harry Truman — rendering an "exceptional service in the national interest." From our establishment as an engineering laboratory during World War II helping America produce the first nuclear weapons, to our expanded role today as a multi-program national security laboratory, Sandia has played a vital role in ensuring that our country maintains science and engineering superiority.

As new challenges have arisen, the nation has consistently called on Sandia to develop solutions that keep us a step ahead. The post-Cold War world has presented new and complex issues for America, ranging from terrorism, cyber attacks, and uncertainties over our country's energy security and infrastructure, to waging asymmetrical wars that require new technologies and strategies. In response, Sandia has expanded its partnerships with government, industry, and academic institutions to take on these scientific challenges.

Sandia also continues to focus on its mission of ensuring that the U.S. nuclear stockpile is safe, secure, reliable and can fully support the nation's deterrence policy. Sandia employs the most advanced technologies to fulfill its responsibilities to sustain, modernize and protect the nuclear weapons stockpile.

Sandia also manages a significant number of research and development programs that are focused on a broad range of national security and scientific issues. The research and development programs ensure that a fundamental science and engineering capability is pushing the forefront of technology.

Sandia National Laboratories' 10,000 employees uphold a strong set of core values: integrity, excellence, teamwork, respect for each other, and placing service to the nation as our highest duty.

Jill Hruby

President and Laboratories Director
Sandia National Laboratories