Glass Bottle Recycling Starts

August 15, 2012

small-glass-bottle recycle bin

Due to the isolated and rural nature of New Mexico, glass recycling has not been economically feasible until recently. Now though, the City of Albuquerque is allowing outside entities, generally other municipalities, to deliver glass materials to be processed and recycled.

In August 2012, two outdoor glass recycling rolloffs similar to those used by the City of Albuquerque were deployed to the eastern half of Tech Area 1 for a pilot effort and advertised to the surrounding buildings. Based on historic waste data, it was estimated that the glass recycling pilot would divert at least 2,000 pounds of material for recycle per year from this area.

glass bottle recycling bin
The initial price to start up glass bottle recycling, paid for from revenues generated by other materials of value being recycled, has an expected return on investment of less than 10 months with ongoing savings and diversion value thereafter.