13,051 lbs of Carpet Sent for Reuse

November 01, 2011

carpet for reuse

Sandia National Laboratories/NM has found a new home for excess carpet generated during interior renovations of its existing buildings. Sandia's Pollution Prevention (P2) Team has been collecting vinyl backed and foam backed (polyurethane) carpet for many years; however it was limited to recycling opportunities due to the lack of options in the carpet industry. Previous shipments sent out for recycle were delivered to Interface Carpet in Atlanta, GA, where the manufacture has an extensive recycling program that recycles vinyl backed carpet in addition to the nylon fiber surface. Unfortunately, the polyurethane backed carpet is non recyclable and sent for waste-to-energy recovery.

forklift carrying carpet

Working to reduce waste and promote the "Reuse" path of the Environmental Protection Agency's waste management hierarchy, P2 has teamed with a geographically closer vendor outside of Denver, CO. Revolve Recycling accepts a variety of carpets and promotes reuse or refurbishment by seeking out individuals or organizations that could utilize used carpet. The carpet goes to nonprofit organizations, flood victims, or others just seeking a sustainable practice by implementing used carpet into their home or work space. Not only has P2 reduced the carbon footprint for the delivery, the team eliminated the need for waste to energy recovery and more importantly provided a resource for those who are less fortunate. P2 is excited to utilize a vendor that encourages reuse as the first option above recycling or disposal. We look forward to continuing the relationship and providing carpet for those with a desire to reuse.