Sandia/New Mexico Environmental Management


Sandia/New Mexico is committed to environmental protection with its mission and recognizes that the environment must be protected and preserved for future and current generations. Sandia/New Mexico takes this responsibility seriously and has implemented Environmental Management System (EMS) to identify and mitigate risks and incorporate environmental management into daily work activities. EMS is a continuing cycle of planning, implementing, evaluating, and improving processes to achieve environmental goals.

Long-term management aimed at preserving and enhancing the quality of the environment has evolved at Sandia for more than 50 years. Recycling, establishing community environmental partnerships, incorporating sustainable design in new and renovated facilities, and environmental restoration are all integral parts of Sandia's environmental stewardship.

ISO logoSandia/New Mexico received ISO 14001 Certification for its EMS in June 2009. ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted standard used to recognize and validate the effectiveness of our EMS at the labs.