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Geoscience Center

Projects 2

Projects/Capabilities by Topical Category

Geoscience Disciplines

Environmental Cleanup

Waste Disposal

Energy and Critical Infrastructure

National Security Applications

Projects are also organized by Department.

All files are pdf format unless followed by (WWW). For viewing pdf files, you will need Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader, which is available from Adobe at no charge.

Geoscience Disciplines


Flow Visualization and Processes Laboratory (WWW)

Field-Scale Testing (WWW)

Numerical Simulation (WWW)



Geophysical Technology

Geothermal Research (WWW)

Underground Storage Technology

Environmental Cleanup

Robotics Technology Development Program

(All WWW)

Technical Task Areas

Program Elements

Related Areas

Characterization Technology

Monitoring Technology

Containment Technology

Remediation Technology

Vadose Zone

Synergistic Activities

Waste Disposal

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Project (WIPP) (WWW)

Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project (YMP) (WWW)

Synergistic Activities

Energy and Critical Infrastructure

Oil and Gas



National Security Applications

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