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Sandia Decon Formulation for Mitigation and Decontamination of CBW Agents

Sandia Decon Formulation for Mitigation and Decontamination of CBW Agents

Rapid, Effective, Non-Toxic Hazard Response

SpinDx Team
Protecting civilian targets against chemical and biological warfare (CBW) attacks

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) has developed a non-toxic, non-corrosive aqueous formulation for rapid decontamination and mitigation of chemical and biological warfare (CBW) agents to protect civilian targets. The Sandia Decon Formulation can be deployed as a foam, liquid spray, or fog.

Decon Formulation Demonstrations

Research & Technology Showcase 2013

Decontamination performance for chemical agent simulants

Sandia Intern

Decontamination performance for biological agent


Live agent tests for chemical agent decon

Research & Technology Showcase 2013

Field demonstration for biological agent simulant decon

Sandia Lab News & Press Releases

Anthrax-decontamination foam used in meth lab cleanup (2/27/12)

Anthrax-killing foam proves effective in meth lab cleanup (2/16/12)

Sandia decon formulation, best known as an anthrax killer, takes on household mold (4/26/07)


Sandia's Decon Foam

Developed more than a decade ago for remediation of chemical and biological agents and used to decontaminate federal office buildings and mailrooms during the anthrax attacks in 2001, the foam is now being used to decontaminate illegal methamphetamine labs.

Images (Click to enlarge)

  • Principal investigator Mark Tucker examines two petri dishes: one with a simulant of anthrax growing in it, the other treated with the Sandia Decon Formulation, which has completely killed the simulant.

  • Live anthrax simulant spores prior to decontamination.

    Nuclear Weapons
  • Anthrax simulant spore kill after 1 hour of contact with Sandia Decon Formulation.

  • Large-scale foam deployment by Mark Tucker.

  • Mark Tucker illustrates the highly stable foam clings to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

  • Paul Baca demonstrates small-scale deployment using commercially available handheld foam generator.

  • Sandia Decon Formulation co-developer Maher Tadros demonstrates application of the formulation from a pressurized canister. The foam could be sprayed from...

    Linux computer researchers
  • Mark Tucker and Cecelia Williams apply Sandia Decon Formulation as a spray on a variety of panels as part of the Dugway Biological Decontamination Field Test.

    Borders research
  • Office material panels after application of Sandia Decon Formulation as a spray.

    Mini intrusion detection