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Quantum Information S&T


Malcom Carroll
(505) 284-3499

Thomas Tarman
(505) 844-4975

Quantum Information S&T

Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST)

Silicon Qubit Workshops

The Silicon Qubit Workshops focus on the quantum information science and technology of silicon based approaches to realizing quantum electronic circuitry.  Silicon based quantum electronic device fabrication, measurement, and theory, as well as the classical quantum interface are discussed.  The purpose of the workshops is to provide an environment for researchers to exchange ideas and experiences related to this multi-disciplinary field in order to accelerate its development. 

Topics covered include:

  • Quantum dot and donor qubit implementations in the Si and SiGe material system
  • Advances in materials and fabrication approaches including atomic precision fabrication
  • Cryogenic classical (nano)-electronics and classical electronic interfaces with qubits
  • Computer assisted design and analysis of donor and quantum dot qubit devices
  • Theory and modeling of charge and spin decoherence mechanisms in silicon
  • Quantum error correction
  • Approaches to multi-qubit coupling and coherent on-chip communication
  • Other solid-state qubit research using different material systems that overlap with these topics (e.g., other column IV approaches, similar GaAs architectures, etc.)

2007 Silicon Qubit Workshop


2008 Silicon Qubit Workshop


2009 Silicon Qubit Workshop


2010 Silicon Qubit Workshop

Talks and Posters

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