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Quantum Information S&T


Malcom Carroll
(505) 284-3499

Thomas Tarman
(505) 844-4975

Quantum Information S&T

Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) Papers

  • Atomistic simulations of adiabatic coherent electron transport in triple donor systems
  • Brief Announcement: The Impact of Classical Electronics Constraints on a Solid-State Logical Qubit Memory
  • Charge sensing in enhancement mode double-top-gated metal-oxidesemiconductor quantum dots
  • CMOS Integrated Single Electron Transistor Electrometry (CMOS-SET) Circuit Design for Nanosecond Quantum-Bit Read-out
  • Enhancement of valley splitting in (100) Si MOSFETs at high magnetic fields
  • Enhancement-mode double-top-gated metal-oxide-semiconductor nanostructures with tunable lateral geometry
  • Enhancement mode double top gated MOS nanostructures with tunable lateral geometry
  • Observation of percolation-induced two-dimensional metal-insulator transition in a Si MOSFET
  • Room temperature single ion detection with Geiger mode avalanche diode detectors APL Vol.93 Issue 5 (2008)
  • Science and Technology Challenge Strives to Create First-of-Its-Kind Qubit
  • Single ion implantation for single donor devices using Geiger mode detectors
  • Spectrum - September 2007
  • Steps Toward Fabricating Cryogenic CMOS Compatible Single Electron Devices
  • The impact of classical electronics constraints on a solid-state logical qubit memory




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