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The National Institute for Nano-Engineering
(NINE) Summer Student Program 2011


On behalf of the NINE Program Team we welcome you to the NINE 2011 Summer Program Homepage.  We’re looking forward to another great summer with our NINE students and are eager to meet each one of you! We are in the process of sending out registration materials to NANO Expo and NINE Summer Program students. Please click on the links on the right side of this page for more information on the exciting activities we have planned this summer.  Also, be sure to visit us on Facebook at “SandiaLabs NINEProgram” for updated program information.  See you in June!


Regan Stinnett, NINE Program Manager, (505) 284-4841,
Liz Lucero, (505) 284-5716,
Maelyn Melville, (505) 844-0584,
Carolyn Williams, (505) 845-6174,


The NINE Summer Student Program provides graduate students with a broad overview of the exciting technical projects going on at Sandia with emphasis on the various applications of nano-engineering. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to tour Sandia’s world-class facilities and do hands-on work in the lab, using leading edge nanotech tools and techniques. Students also participate in seminars and activities that broaden their understanding of the process of innovation (idea to product), including not only technical aspects but also associated issues ranging from business concepts to intellectual property and the social impact of new technology-enabled products. The program provides the opportunity for these top students from universities around the nation to get to know each other and share their interests as they interact with Sandia researchers and entrepreneurs in exciting nano-related areas. Social activities are also planned to acquaint the students with the Albuquerque area.

Graduate students in science-related disciplines are selected by their university to participate in the NINE Summer Student Program. Universities must already be affiliated with NINE to nominate students.  For more information about how to become part of NINE and participate in NINE activities, please send an email to



If you require additional information or have comments on this webpage, please contact Chris Monroe at