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Polymer and Hybrid Materials Group

The Hybrid Organic Inorganic Materials group specializes in polymer and polymer-inorganic composite materials synthesis and characterization.  We embrace the “membranes by design” philosophy of the Chemical & Biological Systems Department.  Our strengths are new material synthesis, membrane transport characterization, and developing structure-property relationships to guide material optimization.  We are primarily an experimental group although we collaborate with theorists and materials modeling experts. 

Our approach is driven by the specific needs of the target application.  Current application areas of interest are

  • Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells
  • Water Transport Membranes for Water Purification by Reverse Osmosis and Electrodialysis
  • Gas Separation

We also undertake specialized projects in sensor coatings, nanoparticle encapsulation, functional gels, and other materials research.

The group collaborates with a wide range of scientists at Sandia, other National Labs, academia, and industry spanning from the fundamental to applied technology.

Our primary facilities consist of: two wet chemistry labs, one gas permeation lab with three automated permeators, a fuel cell lab including facilities for preparing MEAs with our membranes and other experimental materials such as catalyst and gas diffusion layers, and a membrane transport laboratory.

We possess or have regular access to most major analytical techniques including: a full thermal analysis suite, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers for chemical identification and diffusion measurements, confocal and electron microscopy, membrane proton conductivity, electrochemical characterization, impedance spectroscopy, membrane separated cells for permeation measurements in liquid and gas, a gas chromatograph, electrophoretic membrane cell, stirred and crossflow cells for measuring salt rejection, fouling, and water transport of water purification membranes. 


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J. Bruce Kelley

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Principal Member of the Technical Staff

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Janet Lovato

Office Administrative Assistant

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