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Fuel Cells

Our group is primarily focused on new materials and phenomena that occur at the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) level.  The MEA is the basic repeat unit of a fuel cell stack.  Our two fuel cell labs feature facilities for testing both methanol and hydrogen fed fuel cells in both active and passive configurations.  We have the capability to run electrochemical measurements to measure electrode polarizations, electrochemically active surface areas, impedance spectroscopy of operating cells, segmented cells for current distribution, electro-osmotic drag, and methanol crossover.  We also have a transparent visualization cell and a high magnification digital video camera to inspect to flow in a single flow channel.

We participate in the DOE funding activities with our partners at the Sandia/California site.  Our primary DOE customer for fuel cell technology and materials is the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program.

Broadly, our fuel cell projects have two main thrust areas

  • Novel Proton Conducting Membranes
  • Phenomena Elucidation and Modeling

Each of these areas of investigations is alliterated in the Projects (Link to Projects).

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