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13-Apr-2006: Revised thermochemistry for gas-phase aluminum species
13-Apr-2006: New gas-phase thermochemistry on the site
13-Apr-2006: Industry web pages
13-Apr-2006: Improved search engine
13-Apr-2006: FactSage software

 13-Apr-2006 (Previous Note )
Revised thermochemistry for gas-phase aluminum species. A correction to the aluminum reference state was made that affects the entropy and Gibbs free energy at temperatures < 933.45 K. Revised data for all aluminum species were uploaded to the site on July 21, 2005. Please replace any old versions of these data that you may have, as the original fits for the < 933.45 K temperature range were in error. The original data may still be viewed on the web site to enable comparisons to be made.


 13-Apr-2006 (Previous Note ) (Next Note )
New gas-phase thermochemistry on the site. Thermodynamic data for the following gas-phase species and systems is now available:

HCl, Cl, Cl2;
C, CH, CH3, benzene, HNCN, benzavalene, cyclopentatrienyl (C5H3), cyclic-COO;
Alkali and alkaline earth oxides and hydroxides: MOH, M(OH)2, M2O, and MO, M=Li, Na, K, Be, Mg, and Ca;
Si-H-O-Cl (58 species);
Si-H-O-F (12 species);
Cr, Mn, and Fe halides (8 species);
In-H-C-O-Cl (51 species);
Sn-H-C-O-Cl (99 species);
Cr hydroxides (6 species): Cr(OH)n, where n=2-6, and CrO(OH)4; and
Si2 data (49 species).


 13-Apr-2006 (Previous Note ) (Next Note )
Industry web pages. Web pages tailored to specific industries are now available. Each page offers thermodynamic models designed to address specific high-temperature problems or processes in the industry. For example, models for oxy-fuel combustion, soda-lime glass, and tin oxide APCVD are given on the glass industry web page. Pages for the glass, petrochemical, forest products, and chemical manufacturing are currently on the site. Additional pages relevant to other industries will be completed in the near future.


 13-Apr-2006 (Previous Note ) (Next Note )
Improved search engine. The molecule search engine used with the gas-phase database is now case sensitive and no longer requires the use of "1" to indicate one atom of a given element. For example, tin tetrachloride may now be entered as SnCl4, rather than Sn1Cl4.


 13-Apr-2006 (Next Note )
FactSage software. A new equilibrium calculator based on the FactSage software package is now available on the site for users. This calculator is designed to determine equilibria for condensed-phase systems, including both stoichiometric and solution-phase problems. All condensed-phase data available on our web site can be used in the calculations. This version of the FactSage Equil code is quite powerful, allowing users to perform a wide variety of equilibrium calculations, including fixed-activity, 2-phase immiscibility, and targeted calculations for liquidus and other phase formation.