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Entering the Base
Visitors with a standard DOE badge or a valid visitor badge issued from Sandia/New Mexico may present it to the guard at any KAFB gate and be granted entry. Visitors who obtain a visitor badge from the Sandia Badge Office use this to gain entry to the base.

Vehicle passes for visitors are no longer required.

The guard may verify the following information from visitors:

  • Current registration
  • Proof of insurance
  • Driver's license
  • Rental agreement (if applicable)

Remember that your host has primary responsibility for ensuring that the details of your visit, including base entry, are properly coordinated beforehand with Sandia Security and with KAFB. Prospective visitors or Sandia hosts who have questions about the process may contact the Badge Office at (505) 284-3626.

Kirtland Air Force Base Access Registration
All persons needing access to Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) must obtain a base pass from KAFB. You may go to either of the two locations below to-obtain your new base pass.

  1. Pass and Registration Section in the Consolidated Support Building located at Bldg. 20245.
  2. Truman Gate Visitor’s Center, which is minimally manned and may require additional time.

The following forms will be required upon visit to either location:

  1. Criminal Background Check Form SF 2730-CBC
  2. Visitor Pass Request Form SF 2730-VPR

Visitors cannot request a long-term pass to access the Sandia National Laboratories Federal Credit Union on KAFB. These individuals must use branches off the installation.

For any additional questions, please contact Security Connection at 505-845-1321.