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For SNL Facility Security Officers

FSO Workshop 2012—CANCELLED

This year’s FSO Workshop has been cancelled due to lack of interest (less than 18% of our FSOs indicated they would attend this year). Instead, we will spend some serious time improving existing tools and developing new tools for you. This includes upgrading the FSO toolcart, developing SNL-specific FSO training, and looking into offering teleconferences or webinars.

Here’s some of your feedback that we will use for upcoming topics and improvements:

  • Keep up with form revisions on the FSO website.
  • Consider separate training for non-possessing (construction) versus possessing sites.
  • Provide training on:
    • Changes to DOE directives and upcoming changes to the complex.
    • Where to report different things.
    • Access authorization extensions between facilities/reciprocity.
    • Real-world threat/counterintelligence.
    • FOCI submission processes.
  • Training requirements (who needs to take what).

We will also continue to evaluate how our relationships with you are working. We may bring back the conference in a bi-annual format next year, or we may have other ideas that work even better. Please help us help you by continuing to provide feedback while we try new methods for communicating and sharing important information.

Your Awareness Team