CASoS Engineering
Sandia National Laboratories

Trans-Spectrum Global Prosperity Lead
Theresa Brown


Programmatic papers:

A Roadmap for the Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Initiative (report)

Engineering Solutions in an Interdependent World: The CASoS Roadmap (presentation)

Phoenix: Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Applications Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Framework Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Environment Version 1.0

Understanding Global Interdependency to Promote International Prosperity

Abstract depiction of interconnected  global populationsGlobal interdependency and the speed at which goods, services, technology, ideas, information, people, disease and even mood travel across the planet is increasing at a scale and degree far beyond historical experience.

The international security ramifications of this escalating interdependency cannot be controlled without strategic policies that address the combined economic, social and governmental processes that structure the flow of goods and services and ensure international prosperity. Learn more...

In their National Strategic Narrative (April, 2011), Captain Wayne Porter (US Navy) and Colonel Mark Mykleby (US Marine Corps) articulate the crucial importance of these deeply-connected global systems to our national security. Designed to address just these sorts of questions, CASoS Engineering modeling and analysis provide essential analytical underpinnings and the tools that support policy decision.


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