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Resource and Exchange Dynamics Lead
Walt Beyeler


Programmatic papers:

A Roadmap for the Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Initiative (report)

Engineering Solutions in an Interdependent World: The CASoS Roadmap (presentation)

Phoenix: Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Applications Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Framework Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Environment Version 1.0

Application: Resource and Exchange Dynamics

Causal diagram of the primary variable and interactions describing an entity in the resource and exchange model.Infrastructures are networks of dynamically interacting systems designed for the flow of information, energy, and materials. Under certain circumstances, disturbances from a targeted attack or natural disasters can cause cascading failures within and between infrastructures that result in significant service losses and long recovery times.

Modeling capabilities are needed to evaluate the robustness of various systems and to identify factors that control the scale and duration of disruption. The capability described here lays the foundation for developing advanced system security solutions that encompass both external shocks and internal dynamics. Learn more...


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  • International Society of Dynamic Games Workshop, Rabat, Morocco, September 2007

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