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A Roadmap for the Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Initiative (report)

Engineering Solutions in an Interdependent World: The CASoS Roadmap (presentation)

Phoenix: Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Applications Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Framework Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Environment Version 1.0

Applications: Group Dynamics

Group dynamics are a large determinant of evolutionary adaption and decisionmaking at community, regional, national and global scales. Understanding and projecting possible human behavior in response to changing conditions is critical to solution of CASoS problems.


Predictive Analytics Predictive capabilities for social diffusion processes, for instance to permit early identification of emerging contentious situations, rapid detection of disease outbreaks, or accurate forecasting of the ultimate reach of potentially “viral” ideas or behaviors, are critically important for both national and global security.


Tribal Leadership Dynamics link Analysis of leadership selection in traditional Pashtun society where leadership is manifested as an informal power system where potential leaders gain and maintain their position by means of group consensus.



Femal Engagement Teams link Analysis of the power of female medical and humanitarian engagement teams to promote success in Afghanistan through gendered social networks.



Group Formation and Fragmentation link Analysis and modeling to identify and understand self organized extremist group formation, activation and dissipation.






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