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Conflict End Games

Nuclear Stockpile Management

Global Nuclear Nonproliferation

The Global Energy System

Global Climate Change

Large Natural Disasters

Long Term Maintenance of Complex Infrastructures

The Global Economy

The Internet

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Defining Examples

CASoS is a concatenation of four sub-disciplines or study areas: Systems, Complex Systems, Complex Adaptive Systems, and Systems of Systems. "Defining" the system of interest is the first step in the CASoS Engineering Framework process. Definitions of CASoS are accomplished by addressing, at a minimum, the 7 points described below.

A Complex Adaptive System of Systems requires:

This definition of the object of analysis as an object of engineering produces the problem definition needed to articulate the Aspirations for affecting or designing the CASoS.

The CASoS for which we developed prototype Defining Examples encompass many of humanity's largest problems such as Global Climate Change, Conflict End Games, and newly emerging worldwide emphases such as Large-scale Natural Disasters, pandemics, global finance, and global economic supply chains. Links to all our Defining Examples are in the right navigation panel. It is important to note that, for the purpose of the Roadmap study, we were interested in proving (and improving) our definition of CASoS and in showing that the systems meet necessary conditions for being considered CASoS. None of the Defining Examples for any system (as seen in the examples linked at right) should be considered complete in any sense; rather, the descriptions are illustrative of the kinds of considerations that should be entertained before attempting to engineer solutions within any CASoS.

We encourage you to do this on your own. A review of examples linked at right will provide a leg up for stepping through this defining process for CASoS problem spaces of interest to you.

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