CASoS Engineering
Sandia National Laboratories
Casos Engineering Lead:
Theresa J. Brown

Programmatic papers:

A Roadmap for the Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Initiative (report)

Engineering Solutions in an Interdependent World: The CASoS Roadmap (presentation)

Phoenix: Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Applications Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Framework Version 1.0

Complex Adaptive System of Systems (CASoS) Engineering Environment Version 1.0

Applications: Global Prosperity

Perturbations/disruptions in CASoS bring with them the potential for far-reaching effects due to highly saturated interdependencies and attendant vulnerabilities to cascades in associated systems. For example, the global effects of disruption within CASoS can be seen in the impacts of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami on not only the people and industry of Japan, but also on US car manufacturers, on global energy and financial markets and on the future of nuclear power production around the world.

Nearly every important problem confronting society is rooted within a CASoS; examples include nuclear nonproliferation, energy surety, conflict end games and climate security. We must recognize (and reckon with) the CASoS context to properly pose and solve problems without producing unintended consequences. Solutions must be feasible, robust to uncertainties and enhance system resilience. Our overarching goal is to maximize security, maximize health and minimize risk.

The current portfolio of CASoS Engineering for Global Prosperity includes:

Trans-Spectrum Global Prosperity link Group Dynamics link Climate Security linkLink to CASoS Resource and Exchange Dynamics webpageNuclear Non-proliferation link Intervention Success link


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